Back and Neck Massager Stretcher

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*1. Material: ABS
*2. Level: three-level adjustment
*3. Maximum load: 150 kg
*4. Size: 38.5 x 16.8 cm


*1. 3-level adjustable angle, rear arch angle can be adjusted as needed to meet waist training needs
*2. 88 massage points are like acupuncture in traditional Chinese medicine, pressing different parts of the body.
*3. Use environmentally friendly ABS polyurethane, non-toxic and harmless, tough and solid to support your lumbar, the maximum load reaches 150 kg.
*4. The 26-degree physiological curve that allows the waist to return to normal.
*5. Whether you are lying or sitting, you can use this massager, suitable for home, office, car.

Back and Neck Massager Stretcher